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Grades (Nursery-XII)


    Quarter 1 (April-June) Quarter 2 (July-Sept) Quarter 3 (Oct-Dec) Quarter 4 (Jan-March)
   27825/- INR   27825/- INR 27825/- INR 27825/- INR

     Quarter- 1 (2 months) Quarter- 2 (3 months) Quarter- 3 (3 months)  Quarter- 4 (3 months)
For Greater Noida uptil 10kms Slab 1@ 1930/- 3860/-INR 5790/-INR 5790/-INR 5790/-INR
For Greater Noida beyond 10kms Slab 2@ 2230/- 4460/-INR 6690/-INR 6690/-INR 6690/-INR
For Greater Noida and other locations Slab 3@ 3210/- 6420/-INR 9630/-INR 9630/-INR 9630/-INR

The School fees and other charges are payable as per the fee slip to be distributed by the respective class teacher, by the date indicated therein.

If the last date for payment of fee happens to be a holiday, the preceding day (not the following day) shall be taken as the last date.

Fee should be paid to the school cashier at the fee counter, on working days between 9:00 to 13:00 hours and a receipt for payment be obtained. To avoid late fee fine, please do not misplace the fee slip

  • Fee can be paid by cheque/demand draft in favour of "K. R. MANGALAM WORLD SCHOOL". Post- dated/ corrected/over written or mutilated cheques will not be accepted.

Late Fee Fine

Any delay in payment of fees will invite late fee fine. It may also lead to the student's name being struck off the rolls as per Rule 35 of the Delhi School Education Rules 1973.


Re-admission will be allowed only after payment of outstanding dues by Demand Draft only including late fee fine and the prescribed re-admission fe /charge.

Dishonoured Cheques

In case of a cheque issued towards any payment due to the school is dishonoured on its presentation to the bank for insufficient funds or any other reason, a penalty of Rs. 500 will be charged.

Rules Regarding Withdrawals

If a student wishes to withdraw from the school, the transfer certificate will be issued on one month's written notice by the parent or payment of one month's fee in lieu thereof. Admission fee will not be refunded in any case.
If a student is absent without any reason for more than 6 days, his/her name may be struck off the school rolls as per Delhi School Education Rules.

International Admissions

Students of K. R. Mangalam World School over the years have been getting admissions in prestigious universities worldwide. Each year, students of the outgoing class are offered admissions to the most reputed colleges and universities abroad, in highly competitive programs. These universities include University of Michigan, Oxford,University of Pittsburgh etc.
Admission to top-notch institutions in other countries such as U.K, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Germany, France, Hungary, Hongkong, Australia, and New Zealand are equally spectacular.