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Class IX (A ) Presentation

“We were putting modern AI into the hands of Students so they can do new awesome things

To elucidate the importance of AI and Machine learning the learners of Grade IX (A) conducted a class assembly on 31-03-2023 the theme ‘Importance of AI '

There was a spectacular and beautiful display of talent, confidence, and strength by our talented students. The students brought forward the importance  of AI .They began the assembly with a morning prayer, followed by quote of the day and briefing everyone about the happening around the school. After that they began telling us about AI or Artificial intelligence. They gave the students a detailed summary about AI and how it was created. Following this, they did a questionnaire and then talked about an interesting topic about CHAT GPT VS GOOGLE.

Students got to know about AI and Machine learning.

AI achieves remarkable precision through deep neural networks, previously impossible. For instance, your interactions with Google Search and Alexa are all deep learning-based that keep getting more precise the more we use them. AI techniques are even used in the medical fields to discover cancer cells on MRIs with high precision as highly trained radiologists