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Ms Preeti Rana
Coordinator of Pre-Primary
The first few years of a child determine a lifetime. Our Early Years programme is designed to provide the foundation for future academic, social and emotional well-being of every child. We have developed a comprehensive, dynamic and contemporary curriculum that prepares our young ones to go through the journey of life with complete confidence.

Our programme features activities and equipment designed for the development of gross and fine motor coordination. Hands-on activities that are appropriate for children at this age are planned and incorporated into our daily routines. We celebrate individual uniqueness and encourage self-expression and exploration while building strong foundations of love and security.

Our curriculum is designed to enable children to develop a love for learning. Adopting the learning through play method, using a wide range of learning materials and activities, in both classroom and free flow environments, young minds explore language and literacy, numeracy, discovering and understanding the world around, physical development and creativity and performance, the customs of different countries and social skills through collaboration with each other. Emphasis on individual attention will be each child gain confidence in his/her abilities.

Through the exploration of the world around them, the children develop confidence in communication and inter-personal skills. It allows children to make the most efficient use of resources and builds on interests and enthusiasm with s sense of wonder.

We are providing rich opportunities for developing imagination, inventions and resourcefulness. It also supports the development of healthy and active life styles. Our teaching staff is facilitators who create and use programmers with care and thoughtfulness to make learning a joyful experience for each child. We believe that the next generation heroes will find the sense of orientation here, a feeling of being at home.