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Ms. Ranjana Singh
Coordinator of Secondary & Senior Secondary

GRADE IX-XII : The Secondary school follows a well rounded rigorous course of study. It not only fosters the 21st century skills but also prepares them for their journey towards higher education. Group discussions, projects, field trips, presentations, activities and community service are intertwined into the subject of study through experiential learning and critical thinking skills. Career Counseling and preparation for university progression is an integral part of the secondary curriculum. Beyond academics, a host of activities have been initiated by the school to suit differed taste and aptitudes , thus bringing individual talents to the Dramatics, Fine arts, Public speaking , pottery, photography, social work t name a few provide the students with a unique platform to pursue and showcase their potential. Our motto’ together towards tomorrow’ epitomizes our progress toward the world of tomorrow, which would be carried by citizens who brim with vision, empathy and intellect.